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There’s no disputing the difference that braces can make for your smile. A Caporusso Orthodontics smile is one that stands out and is remembered long after you leave the room. Whether you’re in school, at work or at play, there’s no end to the ways a beautiful healthy smile can make things happen.

Milford Orthodontist Dr. Philip Caporusso is known for his ability to craft each smile to bring out the best in each person. Whether you choose metal or clear braces, or Invisalign®, Dr. Caporusso and the team at Caporusso Orthodontics have options that will have you smiling from the minute you start until long after your stand out smile is complete.

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Meet Dr. Caporusso

The Caporusso Orthodontics Team is led by Dr. Philip Caporusso. He is a board certified orthodontist - having achieved the highest level of certification available which means you can count on great results.

Dr. Caporusso is also known for his easy-going, laid-back style. That means you can count on a great experience while you're in treatment, not just when you’re done. We can’t wait for you to meet him and the rest of the team!

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